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Done with some major rotations, we’re about to start ComMed!

Community Medicine is the best! This rotation gives the interns the chance to be exposed to the barangay setting. Interns are taught to treat the common illnesses in a certain community. Basically, we go on an eight-to-five job, as outpatient physicians. No hospital duties. No 24-hour shifts. No emergency calls. And oh, did I mention that we all have a 2-week off? #Chill

Speaking of #chill, I and the rest of group CD, have decided to conquer the mountains up north and brave the 8-degree weather in Baguio! #YAS!!!!

Barkada Photo Haha © Cess Directo

© Cess Directo

With one of the best guy friends! (This is a paid ad. LOL)

© Cess Directo

© Cess Directo

© Cess Directo

© Cess Directo

We did conquer Baguio! It was a fun weekend with these doctors! Thank you, Cole for hosting. Thank you guys for a weekend worth-remembering.  I am always grateful for the company and friendship! Yes to more adventures! #PGIGroupCD


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