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I am so high right now!  I’ve finally tried riding an Ultralight plane!

As part of my two-week vacay (internship off), I decided to go back to Davao and go out of my comfort zone! Let me be a daredevil this time, dad. #overprotectiveDad After a few talks, he finally allowed me to go on a long drive, by myself! Cheers to all the strong, independent women out there! But since it would be so sad to go alone, I tagged along an equally-outgoing woman!

Say hello to this badass girl! Thank you for joining me, Kax!

Mati, here we come!!!

Mindanao Flying Saga boasts a wide variety of plane line-up. You can actually choose to ride either the closed-type or open-type plane. Our pilot suggested that we ride the open-type. Yes. For more thrill. More adrenaline. More screaming.

About to take off with the Captain!

Now, with the closed-type plane.

Are you ready? To conquer the world with me? LOL

To those who wish to try flying with MFS, summer would be the best time to go. Try contacting them prior to even thinking about going on a long ride. ❤️  See you in my next adventure!


** Mindanao Saga Flying Club 


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