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A Blue Christmas isn’t Blue after all

Yearly, we head over to our Lola’s house, and celebrate Christmas with the E’s. This year, I was lucky enough to be rotating in community medicine (which is relatively a benign rotation) and have the chance to go back to Davao and spend time with them.

We usually follow a dresscode, and this year’s motif was blue. When I got the memo, I was kind of hesitant to comply. You know what they say about blue christmases, don’t you? But, yup. It isn’t about what we wear afterall. What matters most is how and whom we choose to celebrate the holidays with. To be able go home, and be with the family is actually the best gift that I’ve received this year.

Merry christmas! From the chubby community of Davao. LOL

Es cousins! 18 out of 24

Merry Christmas, everyone! Enjoy the holidays!


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