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After almost a year of doing internship together, we finally got the chance to enjoy a day off. Immediately after we got dismissed from work, we went to Kim’s- had breakfast (thank you Kimmy!) and prepped up for the whole day activity.

On our way to Batangas | Snapchat: eliezanne

In a secluded island in Batangas, my co-interns and I spent the whole day doing things we barely have time for, nowadays. (Awww)

Makati Medical Center’s Interns: Group CD 2015-2016 | (Photo by: Nika Cuadra)

These ladies (Pam and Den), sure love floral LOL

UST Med #DavaoReprezent (c) Mariz Torno

Binibini Number 103. LOL

Makati Medical Center Post Graduate Interns Batch 2015-2016 | Photo by: Mariz Torno

Some interns did a day trip, while others (me included), stayed in until the morning after.
Over dinner, we had the place all to ourselves. Oli did the grilling (thanks for the yummy chicken barbecue, bro!). Then we basically just did tita stuff ’til midnight.At around 0630H, we packed up and left.

Thanks to our awesome interns’ council! You guys did a great job. *Cheers to having a great time with all of you! 1 more month ’til we done. #yahoo Now back to reality.*

April 3, 2016 0830H | Some survivors, post breakfast.

Kamantigue Beach and Diving Resort, Batangas City | April 2, 2016 1100H 


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