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Internship’s done! Now what? Well, I know we’ve been working hard and partying harder for the last 12 months. Why miss the last installment of the Makati Medical Center Post Graduate Interns’ Parties?

Group IJ started off with Prodrome- Meet My Cointerns Acquaintance party, followed by Group KL’s Fiat Lux, AB’s Calvaria: A Halloween Costume Party, CD’s BIPOLAR: Have you been Naughty or Nice Christmas Fund-Raiser and EF’s WTF (Wala Talagang Forever) Valentine’s Shindig.

Last saturday, Group GH hosted MGH (May Go Home): A year-ender party.

The organizers

With unlimited beer and cocktails, the event became a big hit! And don’t you just love the coachella vibe?! Those flower crowns totally gave off the hipster feels.


Thank you for the awesome party, guys! Will definitely miss partying with this bunch. #MMCxPGIBatch20152016. Now signing off.



|Photos by: The Paparazzi|

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