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Hangover Blues

And pinks and purples. I just love how colorful  Seminyak is!

Last night’s gig with the girls got us feeling woozy. When I woke up, I was greeted by the beautiful Balinese sunrise. I then decided to take a cold shower in our hotel in Seminyak. Pam followed after. Afterwhich, we hailed a cab and gave ourselves a treat.

Fish tacos and grilled chicken for brunch. Why not?

The comfort room interior was perfect. 

At Sea Circus, Seminyak | @seacircus

 After the brunch, we then went to lounge in W resort to get ourselves pampered. We stayed in for the night.

A slush of heaven

This was by far the best hangover cure that we had. Lol Care for some?




P.S. Heard that there are a lot of cool beach clubs here in Bali. We went to one! Click here for more info lol 


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