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Dipping in

It was a lazy day for me and Pam. ‘We could do some loafing at the beach’, she thought. So we packed up- got our sunblock, bikinis and other beach essentials, and flew off.

Inside the cab, we interviewed the driver and asked where the beaches were. He said that we’re lucky because there were actually two good ones nearby. We then asked him to drop us off at either of those beaches.

I must admit, I got a little disappointed at first. Seeing the dark-colored sand, I expected more. (We’ve got beautiful beaches at home, which explains my high standards). But I’m down for whatever. So we walked through the whole stretch, barefoot. It had fine, soft sand. There were sunbeds readily available for use. There were cafes everywhere. And there were competent lifeguards (uh-huh) which made me feel more at ease.

We got our own beds, and ordered drinks to cool us off.

We had a little over 3 hours of baking and didn’t realize that we haven’t eaten anything yet until we saw the time. Thought we could still get some glow while stuffing ourselves, we decided to go to Potato Head Beach Club and enjoy the pool the rest of the day.

Sumatran Roasted Chicken and Pam’s burger haha

Half day at the beach. Half day in the pool. Refreshed? Sure we were. What a way to spend a free day in Bali.




P.S.  Impressed how colorful seminyak is? There’s still a lot more to see! Click here


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