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And I’m back! For my second day, I promised myself to stick to the plan. After our airport errand, I will have to do art appreciation (LOL). No more, no less.

At around 7 in the morning, our visitor has finally arrived. From JFK, we drove all the way to Baldwin to drop his things off. For today, it will just only be me and the new guy. Mikko and Poch, being the independent Fil-Ams, had to go to work. Oliver then prepared his stuff for the day, and as soon as he was settled, we took off.

We took the long rail train and got off somewhere in central new york. We rambled, and had a satisfying lunch over at Pongsri Thai before we actually went to Madame Tussauds. We just couldn’t let go of our asian roots, could we? Haha


Here are my favorite snaps inside the museum!

*Demure laughs* Oh how I love this girl!


What a nice photo. Shout out to that QT haha

Twin A. Twin B.

I fit in perfectly, diba? You can call me Baby… spice. HAHA


We capped off the night with a very intriguing, mind-boggling, mature, manly play. Cinderella, is definitely a must-watch! Haha Kidding aside, it was a magnificent play, nonetheless. It was light and uplifting, bringing me back to the days when becoming a princess was my ultimate goal, and not becoming one wasn’t an option. HAHA

*insert shampoo brand here* HAHA PWEDE!


There’s still a lot to see in this City of Dreams. Malay mo, pati si Bae, andito rin. #LabanGerl  At this point, I’m calling it a night! Bitin, diba? Well, more of this beautiful city next time!


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