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I have not really been so showy about this hobby of mine. But today, I decided to let the world know that someone who seemed so serious, actually also has  a life. HAHA Kidding aside, I want everyone to know that despite the fact that I’ve been so busy getting that MD, I made sure that I still have time to do things that I love.

Today, I am sharing with you one of the things that I do during my free time- calligraphy. Well, if you think about it, studying and scribbling sounds like a good match, don’t they?


How it all started: 

When I was a little girl, I really loved collecting everything colorful- stationary pads, stickers, and Disney coloring books. For me, it was heaven.

When I turned 7, I realized that I needed to do more. Coloring books didn’t satisfy me as much. I started copying my stickers, making cartolina-sized portraits of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and The Powerpuff Girls. (Yup. Girly.) I even started sketching in a personalized notepad. Then …fast forward to 2015, when calligraphy became a big thing, my girl friends- Kim Diwa (@kimdiwa) and Cess Directo (@cessdirecto), inspired me to follow their footsteps. Their paintings are so beautiful, I’m a huge fan! In fact, I even requested them to conduct a workshop for me. AND GUESS WHAT. THEY SAID YES. #BLESSED.

That was the beginning. I tried. I practiced. Until I became comfortable. After a lot of aesthetically-unacceptable work of art, I started saving some images and kept it in my craft box. And now, here they are. I present to you, some artwork worth 2 years of hardwork. (Not perfect at all. But you know the drill).

Make Your Own Magic Quote by @kileyinkentucky on instagram <3

My babies:

  1. Ink from Craft Central (Greenbelt 5)
  2. Brushes from Craft Central (Greenbelt 5)
  3. Nib and Nib Holder from Craft Central (Greenbelt 5)
  4. Paint– thrifted
  5. Fine Liners (Christmas gift from my cousin Earl) Some of my stuff are still in Manila. Oops


I hope that my message is clear. Don’t be afraid to do things that you like. If you want to achieve something, go for it. As long as it doesn’t affect your long-term goal, go ahead and chase it. Don’t live a life full of what-ifs. I’m just so happy that I get to do things that I love. Calligraphy, is one thing. My job as Medical Doctor is another thing



Check out my friends’ work of art as well! Kim and Cess are also Medical Doctors. We were classmates back in Medschool. They were also my batchmates during our Makati Medical Center Post-Graduate Internship. They’re so good, aren’t they? Follow them on instagram! ❤️


I would also like to mention my very creative blogger cousin- Eliza (@elizadynghrng) ! Thank you for lending me your fur rug!


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    February 27, 2017 at 11:51 pm

    Can’t wait to have you join our pen meets!! See you soon! 🙂


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      March 1, 2017 at 1:52 am

      I’m excited! See you soon, Dennis! 🙂

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