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Liz the #EatGirl: Birdseed Breakfast Club + Cafè

It was a lovely day in Cebu- the skies had  cleared out. The weather was perfect. After our morning cardio (thanks Arnel for letting us use Amisa’s gym!), we prepped early. From Mactan, we headed out to Cebu city. Dasha and Arnel had the day planned out for us. Basically, we were told that we should prepare our tummies because aside from eating, we weren’t gonna do anything else. It was a day for #foodventure.  

First on the list were some local delicacies. The couple made us try puso (rice wrapped in banana leaves) and ginabot (deep-fried pork intestines) paired with some locally-made spicy vinegar. It was surprisingly good. (Sounds like someone’s going to pop some arteries! Haha)

After our sakit-batok meal, Dasha then recommended a quaint coffee place in Escario. It serves great brunch entrees, good coffee and hearty vegan choices. (Actually, I’m not in any way, vegan. Dasha is. Haha) Arnel then dropped us off. Hooray for dessert and coffee!

The Strawberry Seltzer, Matcha White Chocolate Latte, Birdseed Tea. 

One good thing about this cafe is that the portions are hefty, and Dasha’s Triple-stack Chocolate Hazelnut Pancakes is one of those. The buttermilk pancakes were fluffy and not overdone. The sweetness of the dark chocolate syrup, along with the hazelnut chocolate mousse inside the pancakes was evened out by a generous serving of whipped cream. I loved it. The cashew nuts were a good add on.

We were actually warned that we might not be able to finish all three big dishes by ourselves. But we insisted. #CarbLoading

This Blueberry French Toast was my idea. Well, I wasn’t as lucky as Pam and Dasha. The toast at the bottom was so soggy. The sour taste of the macerated blueberry preserves overpowered the sweetness of the maple syrup. The whipped cream, instead of adding body, killed the crisp and the excitement of each bite.  Well, I must have high standards for FT’s.

Pam made a good choice. This is a winner! Even non-vegans would want to try their Vegetarian Pita Pizza! I just love how the homemade tahini and hummus complemented the greens and the raw red onions. I loved how all the flavors burst inside my mouth. I cry.

Dasha, Liz and Pam 

All in all, this cafe deserves a visit! I enjoyed the food (pancakes and pizza). The drinks are good. The staff are very accommodating. Don’t forget to drop by. 

I did a little pictorial, by the way. Thanks, Pam!!! LOL


Because Pam and I were intrigued about Birdseed’s entrees, we went back and tried two of their bestsellers! We got a sandwich and a breakfast-themed main!

The Croque Madame sandwich (homemade bacon, garlic aioli, mozarella, colby jack, mornay sauce and friend egg) is so filling. Cheese lovers would definitely adore this. I ate just half, and brought the other half to the airport! Two meals for the price of one. Super sulit.

We were actually hesitant to order this entree. But thanks to their staff, we were able to try the Beef Brisket and Kimchi Silog (slow-cooked US beef brisket, kimchi friend rice, nori, 63 degree sous vide egg, sesame seeds). This dish exceeded expectations.




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    Ashley King
    March 2, 2017 at 6:14 am

    Superb! I miss Cebu!! Pit Senyor2017!

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