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Love At First Bite. 

And sight. (And sip.)

I have been on a café hunt since I got back from Manila. But I was too lazy to go out of my routine–grabbing my usual at either Starbucks or Coffee Bean, so I didn’t go exploring just yet.

One hot Saturday afternoon, I met up with my friend who is currently a post-graduate medical intern here in Davao. She briefly mentioned that there’s actually a new place that serves pretty good coffee. The catch is, it’s close to where we live! SPARK Coffee + Crafts has been one of her go-to places since the café opened.

Three months back in the city, I still wasn’t able to pay a visit. It was until another friend of mine- one who loves calligraphy as much as I do (but is way better in handling those brushes), told me that I should definitely check out the place. Pens, pads and brushes are available on site! The selection is unbelievable. So… hello SPARK!

I have never been to a place where I get to enjoy two things that I love at the same time. Talk about having a great cup of coffee, while getting a little creative. This is what I have been wanting to do since I got my MD license.

The Space

Upon entering, you’ll notice that the place isn’t that big. But you’ll quickly appreciate how spacious it has become. Kenji Caday and his business partners managed to maximize the space very well. It exudes a mimimalist vibe, making it a good study/work place. Having been studying and struggling to concentrate inside coffeeshops for n years, I think I should know. 

There was a calligraphy workshop when I visited. A little over 10 people joined, and there were still a lot of seats for me to choose from. I’m just amazed by how they’re able to do so much with the space.


The Crafts

There is a wide variety of materials available inside the shop. Stationery pads and highlighters are also up for grabs! This is convenient for those who barely have time to hit the malls and lineup to pay at the cashier. Shout out to the medical and law students out there! #HIGHLIGHTERisLYF

From affordable ones to the more exquisite ones. You have a lot to choose from.

Owners Karina Ibabao-Cadiogan and Katrina Ibabao-Munar host their own workshops. Hoping to join next time!

The Food

I seriously wasn’t expecting much. I was too preoccupied with trying out their coffee and getting a hold of their calligraphy materials. Their chef, Jimmu Yoshida, whom I heard is a heartthrob, actually recommended the SPARK Sandwich.  Without having second thoughts, I got the sandwich. And yes baby, this protein mountain did not disappoint. The beef was so tender and savory. It went perfectly well with the caramelized onions. And that piquant sauce– a winner. Overall, though the price may be a little steep, the sandwich is more than worth it. My friend got the blueberry and banana waffles, and it made it to the taste test as well. The waffles had a nice consistency. Not too firm. Not too soggy. And of course, the bananas were fresh. 

The Coffee

I have such high standards for coffee. All of my friends know that. And to be honest,  the café’s caramel macchiato made it to my list. This was another recommendation by one of the owners that I didn’t regret ordering. 

There are still a lot on the menu that I wish to try. Any recommendations?  And to those who loved the food, the coffee and everything about the café, there’s a lot to come back for! Lawrence Galang, one of the owners, has been preparing something for us. I can’t wait!

**SPARK Coffee + Crafts is located at Paseo Uno Bldg. Ruby St., Marfori Heights, Davao City. 



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    March 31, 2017 at 10:52 am

    “Would want to try their coffee soon!!!”

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    March 31, 2017 at 11:44 am

    Another article about coffee! Masarap talaga? I want to visit!

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    April 3, 2017 at 8:28 am

    visiting Davao soon! Spark coffee + crafts is definitely in my list that I want to visit😍 Great read liz:)

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    April 3, 2017 at 10:57 am

    Great post!! 😀

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